Guide to Providing An Assurance Of Support For Family Visas

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For some visas, including visas for your parents, an Assurance of Support (AoS) will be required by the Department of Home Affairs

An Assurance of Support can be provided through the Department of Human Services or ‘Centrelink’ as it is commonly known. The website for Centrelink can be accessed here.

This scheme is designed to ensure that during their initial years in Australia new migrants will not become reliant on social welfare programs.

The general process is that the Sponsor Applicant will be requested to provide a AoS at towards the point where the visa will be determined.

Anyone can be an assurer as long as they are over the age of 18, an Australian resident and based in Australia.

How does an Assurance of Support operates?

The Sponsor Applicant providing the Assurance, generally needs to demonstrate that they earn enough to financially support the Visa Applicant should such support be required.

A specific formula is used by the Department to calculate the income level required by the Sponsor Applicant to provide the assurance..

The Government believes that adults require a minimum of AUD28,868.84 per annum of liquid finance in order to live in the Australian community. This equal to the ‘newstart income cut-off amount’.

Accordingly, if a person wants to sponsor their two parents, that person’s income must exceed $86,606.52 (that’s $28,868.84 multiplied by 3).

Using the same formula, a single person sponsoring one parent would need their income to exceed $57,737.68.

If the sponsoring adult has children of their own then the calculated amount goes up even more. The Department reasons that as well as providing for their parents (if required), the Sponsor Applicant must also have enough money to look after their own family.

The amount calculated for children is significanlty lower (it’s 10% of the $28,868.84 threshold).

When you apply to provide an Assurance of Support you will need to show that you have maintained this income level for two financial years.

You will receive a specific request from the Case officer when it is time to provide your AoS.

Example of an Assurance of Support

If a son who is married and has two children wishes to provide an AoS for his parents, his income must exceed $121,250 (rounded up).

Son: $28,868.84
Wife: $28,868.84
Parent 1: $28,868.84
Parent 2: $28,868.84
Child 1: $2,886.89
Child 2: $2,886.89

However, other people can also provide an AoS and incomes may be combined to reach the required threshold. Accordingly, most applicants rely on a cumulative Assurance of Support to reach the required threshold.

Use this Centrelink calculator to determine your AoS requirements.

Values of securities

Effective from 1 April 2019, there has also beeen an increase to the value of securities that are required.

For contributory parent visas, $15,000 is required for the primary applicant and $6,000 for the secondary applicant. This money is held by the Government and returned after 10 years.

For the non-contributory parent visa, $7,500 is required for the primary applicant and $3,000 for a secondary applicant. These funds are held and returned after 2 years.


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