Guide to Travel Movement Record Requests

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Do you need to request your travel movements for a visa application? You COULD search backwards through your email inbox to retrieve your flight confirmations, as well as search through your online frequent flyer statements. However, most countries keep records of arrivals and departures and those records can be requested.

You can request travel records to know your movements in and out of Australia and other countries as they no longer stamp your passports. You can request through e-mail or go to the nearest Embassy.

Arrival and departure records of travels to and from Australia dating from 1981, are contained within the Movements Reconstruction database. These ‘movement records’ may include the traveller’s name, date of birth, gender and relationship status, country of birth, departure and/or arrival date, travel document number and country, port code and flight/vessel details, visa subclass and expiry date, and the number of movements.

If you have traveled from 2000 to the present, this post can assist you. When a visa application requests travel movement, the application will usually ask for travel outside of Australia for the last ten years. The Department of Home Affairs is in charge of recent travel records, for applications looking for lifetime of travel movements specifically if you need travels before 1981, contact the National Australian Archives.

We have compiled a list of links for different countries that may assist you in requesting your travel records. We suggest requesting from the country of your passport and Australia to start to put together your travel records.

How to request movement records from the following countries:

Australia movement records –

Canada movement records –

Hong Kong movement records –

Philippines Travel Records –

New Zealand movement records –

South Korea movement records –

Taiwan movement records –

Turkey movement records –

United Kingdom Movement records –

United States of America movement records –

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