'...I was a stranger and you welcomed me in.'

- Matthew 25:43


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We believe that access to justice and
asylum is a fundamental human right. We
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We understand that legal fees can be
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We know that Refugee law is a complex
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Summit Migration is an independent social enterprise specialising in refugee and immigration law. It provides reduced cost migration advice and assistance to disadvantaged people.

Refugee Law is a unique and complex area of law. When preparing your application you will need an agent experienced with both extensive Country Information research and with the complexities of the Australian protection visa program. You may be eligible to apply for an onshore protection visa or a TPV/ SHEV visa.

Proving that you are a refugee is often very difficult. The test for refugee status is future-focused. This means that whether you face a real chance or risk of harm will be assessed at the time the Department of Home Affairs is looking at your case, not just by reference to what has happened to you previously. Even though you may have suffered a gross violation of your human rights in the past, you will need to show that you will still be at risk of further serious or significant harm in the future if you return to your country of origin.

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