Can you pass the Australian citizenship test?

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Australian Citizenship

Prepare for the Australian Citizenship Test Online with our free practice tests.

Take the test as many times as you like. Increase your learning with detailed answers. Get immediate results and tailored feedback.

In order to participate in an Australian Citizenship ceremony and become a new citizen, you need to pass the Australian citizenship test.

If you’re under the age of 17 or over 60 when your application is submitted, you will not need to sit the test.

This test contains questions from all 3 testable sections. Questions in the test are based on the following three topics:

–          Australia and its people

–          Australia’s democratic beliefs, rights and liberties

–          Government and the law in Australia.

The Australian citizenship test is a computer-based multiple-choice test in English and consists of 20 questions drawn randomly from a pool of questions. You need to answer at least 15 questions correctly to pass the test.

We strongly recommend that you take the time to practice. In addition to these the practice tests provided by Summit Migration, be sure to view the Department of Home Affair’s resource; Australian Citizenship: Our Common Bond. This document is available in a number of different language options for download.

Take the Summit Migration Practice Tests:

These are the closest versions of the actual Australian Citizenship Test – they contain the same passing score and the same number of questions as the real test.

What to expect on the day of the Australian citizenship test?

After your application is submitted, and your application is assessed, the Citizenship Test appointment is made. You will be provided a date, time, and place for the Citizenship Test appointment in a letter issued by the Department. Instructions to reschedule are given in the submitted letter.

You can find your nearest testing centre by following this link.

The day of the test be sure to arrive on time or early. At the testing centre, a staff member will interview the applicant, verify the identity of the test taker, check the original documents, take a photo of the applicant, and confirm the test is ready to be taken.

Be sure to arrange childcare ahead of time, as no children are allowed in the test centre.

The applicant will use a computer at the testing centre and the results of the test will show straight after it is completed. Be sure to inform a member of staff if the computer screen is not readable or you have difficulty using a computer mouse. Test resource materials are not to be brought into the testing venue and your personal belongings are placed under the desk during the test.

–          Turn off mobile phones and put them away

–          Do not talk to other people

–          Do not use any books, paper or other material to help with the test

–          Do not copy answers from anyone

–          Complete the test within 45 minutes

–          A raise of a hand will get help from a staff member if help is needed with the computer

–          Taking the test alone is mandatory, the only exception is receiving help from the staff

Any test taker that has difficulty with computers can request help from the staff.

If you have poor English, there are options for assistance. An applicant is not allowed to bring anyone with them to help with the test.

If you cannot read English, listening to the questions is an option, and you can ask the staff for assistance. The Department may offer an assisted test if you have asked for it in your application, completed at least 400 hours of English language tuition under the Adult Migrant English Program (AMEP), and been assessed by the AMEP provider as not having the reading skills needed to take the test without help. A longer time limit of 90 minutes is given to applicants who take the assisted test.

If you pass the test, the processing of your application will continue and the Department will write to you when a decision has been made on your application.

If you fail the test, you can retake the test on the same day if possible or re-book the test for another time, especially if more time is needed to prepare.

There is no charge you for taking the test again and failing the test does not affect a permanent visa or stop the applicant from living in Australia.

Summit Migration provides a cost effective, online, representation and assistance in applying for Citizenship by Conferral. Find out more here.

If your application for citizenship has been refused, Summit Migration can assist with you an application for review.

Our Immigration Lawyers can advise you on which Citizenship Pathway is most appropriate for you. Please contact us today for further information and advice.


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