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Our Position on
People seeking

Our Position
on People

At Summit Migration, we believe that every person deserves the opportunity to live without persecution and without the risk of serious harm, regardless of their ethnicity, belief, political opinion, or sexuality.

We believe that social justice means doing to others as we would have them do to us, and treating others as we would wish to be treated in their position. It is only by an accident of latitude that we are not in a similar place of need.

If we were to flee our home, at the cost of leaving our family, our possessions and our culture behind, we would like to know that the place we fled to would not turn us back to danger. If we were traumatised by threat and harm, would like to know that the place we arrived would not threaten or harm us further.

All around the world, population groups are targeted for their ethnicity, belief, political opinion, or sexuality. They face terrors unimaginable and dream of a life of safety and a future for their family.

Australia must create a fair and efficient asylum process so that when the most vulnerable arrive on our shore, we can quickly, efficiently and with a minimum of pressure, assess the strengths of every asylum seeker claims. Australia is a nation that can lead the way in giving effect to our international obligations without compromising on our safety, and we can lead the way in protecting the dignity and human rights of each asylum seeker without compromising on legal rigour.

The process of seeking asylum is extraordinarily disruptive and often re-traumatising to each asylum seeker. We can strive towards a framework that fairly, efficiently and humanely determines the status of each asylum seeker so they can get on with building their life.

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