Why Work With
Summit Migration?

Summit Migration is a boutique migration agency committed
to delivering better results through lower fees and incredible service.

  • Fixed Fees – Upfront contracts
  • Lower Fees
  • Social Enterprise
  • Solicitor/ Migration Agents
Summit Migration is geared for the digital generation. While our office is located in Brisbane, we’ve gone online to save you money and streamline the process of applying for your visa.

We are a social enterprise.

We provide free advice, discounted rates, and flexible payment options for onshore humanitarian visa subclasses.

When you work with Summit Migration, you can be confident that you’re supporting migrant rights and that a portion of your fees goes directly to increasing access to justice for asylum seekers.

what makes Summit
Migration different?

There are plenty of great agents and agencies in Australia, all who take slightly different approaches to their service.

​At Summit Migration, our focus is on Lower Fees, Accessibility and Professional, Friendly Service.

​If you’re looking for an ethical, socially-engaged agency that will charge the lowest possible fees while maintaining excellence in advice and service, then we might just be the right fit for you!

We would love to conduct an initial appointment with you by video call or just by phone. Whichever is most convenient.

We are committed to working with you to assist you in your migration journey in whatever manner is easiest.


We’re an Australian boutique immigration agency helping you to migrate, naturalise, or simply visit Australia.

​Launched in 2017, we provide professional advice and services in all areas of Australian permanent and temporary migration visas and acquisition of citizenship.

​We will handle the paperwork and correspond with the Department of Home Affairs on your behalf. We will ensure that you are informed of all communications that relate to your application.

​Summit Migration is a social enterprise and offers free advice, discounted rates and flexible payment options for onshore, humanitarian visa applicants.

Simon Mason

Principal and Registered Migration Agent

Simon is a registered Solicitor, holds a Bachelor of Arts, a Bachelor of Laws, and a Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice. He is a member of the Qld Law Society and the Migration Institute of Australia.

Simon majored in International law and Comparative Refugee law and has spent several years working as a Refugee Lawyer, including stints on Nauru representing the caseload of asylum seeker in offshore processing.

The Process of Working with Summit Migration

Initial Consultation

We offer an initial advice service for a fixed fee of  AUD220. We will discuss your personal situation face-to-face, by telephone or by Skype, and provide you with written advice as to how best to proceed. appointment for initial advice.

Visa Application Assistance

We provide full advice and assistance in your application to the Department of Home Affairs. Should you decide to proceed with our services the AUD220 advice fee is deducted from our professional services fee.


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