Top 5 Courses That Will Assist You in Obtaining Permanent Residency in Australia

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Australia is a desirable place to migrate due to its strong economy, great lifestyle, world-renowned universities, beautiful flora and fauna, and pleasing weather. With this in mind, it’s not surprising that Australia has become the destination for over 300,000 international students to migrate permanently to Australia and to commence living here. Every year, changes are made to the skilled occupation list by the Australian Department of Home Affairs. If you’re considering studying in Australia or looking at the potential for a pathway to permanent residency, it’s important to consider the types of occupations that are in demand in Australia before you finalize your plan and apply for your visa.

This shortlist will set out some of the highly demanded occupations in Australia as determined by the Australian Government. International students who have completed these courses will have a higher chance of obtaining permanent residency. While the dynamic nature of this list makes it difficult for international students to choose a particular course, some occupations are consistently the most favorable in the consolidated skilled occupation list. It would be wise to carefully consider this list that shows courses that lead to higher permanent residency prospects in Australia.

1.       Engineering

Australia always faces huge demand for engineers in a range of fields including aeronautical engineering, agricultural engineering, software engineering, structural engineering, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, civil engineering, production or plant engineering, biomedical engineering, environmental engineering. Consequently, international engineering students will have strong prospects of obtaining employment in the Australian Labor Market. The [inaudible] university’s guide recently indicated that engineering graduates in Australia earned upwards of 65,000 AUD per annum on average which is one of the highest salaries on a skilled occupation list. There is significant demand for engineers in Australia and this is unlikely to change in the coming years.

2.       Computer and Information Technology (IT)

IT is in demand for a range of industries in the Australian Labor Market. The booming economy in Australia means that IT professionals within the qualifications from an Australian University or have a clear history of IT skills will remain in significant demand. Due to the importance of IT, this is an occupation that is unlikely to drop from the consolidated skill occupations list anytime soon. International students studying IT in Australia who wish to settle in Australia temporarily or permanently stand a substantial chance of strong prospects of having their visa successfully granted under one of the permanent residency pathways.

3.       Accountancy

Accountancy is one of the fastest-growing occupations in Australia. As an accountant, there is a great range of employment opportunities available in organizations as they need their taxation, corporation, and record-keeping, compliance requirements. Reconsider the candidates who hold a master’s in professional accounting (MPA) will have strong and improving job prospects in the coming years. The number of International Students who have pursued Accounting in Australia grew by 500% between 2001 and 2014.

4.       Education and Teaching

Australia is making significant investments in its education sector. International students who obtain teaching or education degrees have significantly higher prospects for applying for permanent residency once they have finished their studies. These courses lead occupations like vocation education teachers, teachers for English as a second language, primary and secondary teacher, pre-primary teacher, special needs teacher, or you may get a job as a university lecturer.

5.       Nursing

Australia has one of the strongest growing healthcare industries in the world. Healthcare and associated services are highly paid careers and occupations in significant demand in Australia. There is a range of undergraduate research and postgraduate programs in health, nursing, and midwifery that will significantly strengthen your prospects of employment in Australia. You could choose any course which is suitable for your preferences such as a community health nurse, medical practice nurse, child and family health nurse, mental health nurse, surgical nurse, or a pediatric nurse.

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