Who is Eligible to be a Sponsor for the Temporary Sponsored Parent Visa?

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Parent Visa

The temporary sponsored parent visa has been designed to permit the parents of Australian Citizens and permanent residents to spend longer time periods with their children onshore in Australia. The purpose of this sponsored visa is to allow longer periods of stay without creating an additional demand on Australia’s social and health care systems.

As of 17 April 2017, applications for sponsorship for this visa now open to eligible sponsors who intend to facilitate their parents staying in Australia on a temporary basis. The new visa will permit Australians to have their parents stay with them onshore for either 3 years or 5 years. A 3-year visa will cost $5,000 AUD and a 5-year visa will cost $10,000 AUD.

Fortunately, this new visa pathway does not replace the existing parent visas (subclass 143 and subclass 103). Instead, this new visa creates significant pathway for children of new Australians (specifically newly settled migrants). Additionally, it recognises the social benefits that family reunification can have on permanent residents. This allows parents to be present during the birth of their grandchildren and to support their children throughout the significant life benefits. Additionally, it addresses concerns in the community about the current wait times under the existing regime for parents. The new parent sponsored visa is available for parents (either your biological parents or adoptive parents) and step parents of Australian Citizens, Australian permanent residents, and other eligible New Zealand citizens. It’s important to know that a step-parent can only apply if they’re in a married or de facto relationship with a biological parent of the sponsoring Australian child.

If you’re applying to be a sponsor for a future temporary sponsored parent visa, there are number of criteria that must be met in order to have the new application granted.

What are the Requirements for the Temporary Sponsored Parent Visa?

These are specified in the migration regulations and include the sponsor must be:

  • Either a biological adoptive step child of their parents
  • That their identity is proved
  • That they are an Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident, or eligible New Zealand Citizen
  • That they are 18 years older
  • That they have lived in Australia for at least 4 years
  • That they have a specific household income
  • That they accept liability for any public health debt for their sponsored parents.

The solicitors at Summit Migration will be happy to assist you applying for a temporary sponsored parent visa. Applications for the new temporary sponsored parent visa (subclass 870) will open on the 1 July 2019.


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