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Janelle approached Summit Migration after receiving a refusal decision in relation to a partner visa application for her husband. Janelle had met her husband in Czechoslovakia via an online dating website for Jehovah’s Witnesses. It is relatively common for Czechoslovakian applicants to be refused their spouse visas.

In this first application, the Department had identified a number of gaps in the relationship and inconsistencies in their relationship history and did not accept that the applicant and sponsor were in a genuine and ongoing relationship. Unfortunately Janelle and Solomon were out of time for an AAT merits review.

In this case, as the applicant and sponsor had not spent much time living together as husband and wife, there was still a risk the application could be refused due to insufficient evidence of the relationship. The Migration Agents at Summit Migration were able to brief Janelle on the kinds of evidence that would be persuasive and precisely what to expect from the process. Janelle was led through each step and given precise instructions on what documentation would be required and what to look out for.

Sometimes the Department can request the applicant and sponsor attend a partner visa interview. The interview is key in establishing whether the spouse relationship is genuine. Even the smallest inconsistency or incorrect answer can result in refusal of the application. Janelle and her partner Solomon were carefully briefed on what to expect and the most effective way to respond to the interview questions.

The application was approved and Janelle and Solomon are now living together in Brisbane.

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“When we approached Summit Migration we were overwhelmed with the paperwork. My husband had only just started a new job and we had two small children. We only had two weeks until my visa expired. Fortunately, our migration agent quickly let us know our options and helped us every step of the way to make a last minute partner visa application.”
– Tess & Gordon Kowalczyk (Subclass 820 granted December 2017)


Danielle was a Singaporean citizen who met her boyfriend Peter while travelling in Thailand. Together both Danielle and Peter decided that they wanted to explore their relationship further and give Danielle a chance to meet Peter’s family in rural Queensland.

Danielle entered Australia initially on a Visitor visa and remained with Peter ‘s family for six months during which time she built a strong connection with Peter’s family. After this period, both Peter and Danielle decided to do further travel in South East Asia. After a period travelling, Danielle and Peter decided to travel to Singapore to visit Danielle’s relatives.

On arriving in Singapore, they discovered there was a standing arrest warrant for Danielle. Prior to her last departure from Singapore, Danielle has been in an abusive relationship and had taken a sum of money from her ex-partner before fleeing both the relationship and Singapore for travel in South East Asia. In her absence, her ex-partner had pressed charges. After a brief trial, Danielle was sentenced to 18 months in Changi prison.

After Danielle’s sentence was served, she returned to Australia and applied for an onshore Partner visa. When Danielle approached Summit Migration, she had recently received notice of from the Department of an intention to refuse her Partner Visa on the basis that she had failed the Character test.

While nominally Danielle failed the Character test by virtue of her significant criminal record, the solicitors at Summit Migration were able to argue that compelling and compassionate grounds existed. Under the Migration Act, compelling and compassionate grounds meant that the Character test could be waived. Specifically, it was argued that considering the nature of the crime, the low likelihood of recidivism, and Danielle’s close connections to Australia, that the test should be waived. 

This was accepted by the Department and Danielle’s partner visa was granted.

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“We had applied for several visas for my girlfriend to visit my in Australia but they had all been rejected. The solicitor at Summit Migration was able to re-apply for a visitor visa which was granted. We were overjoyed. Once Alice arrived we lodged a de facto visa a few months later which was also granted. We can’t begin to express how happy we are.”
– Allan Roberts & Alice Sheng (Subclass 820 granted March 2018)

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