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Partner Visa Statement Package

Get our comprehensive package to preparing your Partner Visa Statements. Don’t settle for the standard Form 888 provided by the Department, but supercharge your application with our legal precedents.

Everything you need to prepare your Relationship Statutory Declarations for either the onshore Partner (subclass 820) visa or the offshore Partner (Subclass 309) visa.





What Does the Package Include?

This package includes:

– The statement precedent we use at Summit Migration to prepare all our Partner Statements. This precedent is suitable for both the Applicant AND the Sponsor.

– The precedent we use to prepare all our Support Witness Statutory Declarations.

– Detailed Example Partner Statements for the Sponsor, Applicant and Supporting Witness.

Are Instructions Included?

Our precedents provide step by step prompts for every element of information that you should cover. This includes; your relationship history, the financial elements of the relationship, the social elements of the relationship, the nature of the household and describing the nature of your commitment to each other. We also include step by step instructions on getting your statutory declaration properly witnessed.

Why Do I Need This?

These statement templates replace the need to comment on your relationship in your ImmiAccount application and replace the need to prepare Form 888s in support of your Application. The fields in the online account and in the Form 888s are too short for applicants to sufficiently comment on their relationships. Given the increased scrutiny applied by the Department of Home Affairs, Applicants should provide extensive comment on their relationship.

Sam Battara
Sam Battara@battara_193
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Shout out to the team at @Summitmigration for their epic templates. I would recommend anyone applying for a visa to check them out.
Jamilla Rajaswarmi
Jamilla Rajaswarmi
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Thank you, thank you Thank you! to the team at Summit Migration for your guides and advice, we applied for our visas in 2018 and were granted in May 2020. We used your statement templates!
John Scott
John Scott@johnscot113
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Excellent. Very well written. Clear. Recommended.


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