Citizenship By COnferral

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This page sets out the documents and evidence needed to start your application process.


Applications for Citizenship by Conferral require a large number of support Documents. Please read this list carefully and prepare the documents before you start your online application form.

Citizenship Application Documents


Identity Documents


Proof of Residence Documents


Character Documents


Visa Application Charge


Birth Certificate or Proof or Birth Documents


Additional Documents

Always Use PDF

If possible, you should always use the PDF format for all your documents. PDF retains its own formatting and is universally accepted no matter which operating system.


Foreign Language Documents

If your documents are not in English, you must get them translated by a NAATI certified translator. English is the official language of Australia so all documents submitted to the Department must be translated. This can be an expensive process to find an accredited translation service, so generally only documents that are central to your application (prior court orders) or required (like identity documents) should be sought to be translated. TIS has a number of accredited Translators that you can search by language on their website below:

Identity Documents



Generally you will need a copy of your current Passport. If you have a copy of your previous passport you should also provide this as well. 


Proof of Birth Documents

You will need to provide at least ONE document that includes both of your parents names. This could be:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Adoption Document
  • Family Household Document/Booklet


Photo Identity Documents

You will need at least ONE but preferably TWO identity documents that include a photo of yourself. (One of these documents can be your passport). 

Support Documents


proof of Residence Documents

You will need at least TWO documents that show your current residential address. This could include:

  • Utilities Bills
  • Rates Notice
  • Drivers License 

Character Documents

You will need to provide police clearance certificates for ALL countries in which you spent more than 90 days since turning eighteen.

All applicants will need to provide a copy of their AFP Clearance Check. 


Name Change Documents

If you have undertaken a change of name, you will need all documents relating to this. This could include:

  • Deed Poll 
  • Marriage/Divorce Certificate

Citizenship Application Charges

Additional Documents


Permanent Residency Grant Letter

You will need your most recent letter of grant of permanent residency. 

It may be worth obtaining a copy of your Departmental file through a Freedom of Information request.


Evidence of First Entry to Australia

Evidence of your first entry to Australia can be provided via your travel movements record. 

This is a free process and can be completed via the link below. 


Identity Declaration Form

You will need to complete a paper copy of the identity declaration form for each applicant. 

Pages 3 and 4 of this document must be scanned and lodged with Your application.

Once you have collated the above documents, you are in a position to kick off your application process. Hit the ‘Apply Now’ button or contact us for a conversation with an agent before you commence. 

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